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The two most widely known types of book publishing are traditional and self-publishing (i.e. indie publishing). Traditional publishing usually requires an author to partner with a literary agent, who will present the author's work to traditional publishers. Most large publishers do not accept unsolicited material, so the literary agent acts as the gatekeeper or intermediary between the author and publisher, filtering out the manuscripts that she deems unworthy of publication. Most authors find it incredibly difficult to get a literary agent to represent their work. Some reports have shown that an agent will accept less than 1% of the work that crosses her desk. If the author lands an agent, the agent might sell the manuscript to a publisher. Might. There are no guarantees, and the market continues to shrink due to the poor economy. An author can expect to wait a year or two for the book to be published after (and if) the book is accepted by a publisher.

With self-publishing, the gatekeepers are removed from the equation. The author fronts the money to publish the book. Publishing is guaranteed with this option. Then it's ultimately up to the consumer to judge the quality of the book. With all the recent self-publishing success stories, self-publishing has become a first choice for the majority of writers instead of a last resort. In fact, self-publishing is the fastest-growing segment in publishing. Self-publishing authors enjoy higher profits from each copy sold, more control over the content and book design, and a faster path to publication. Those are just some of the reasons why here at howtopublish.me (powered by MindStir Media) we consider self-publishing a better option for authors.

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